Intro Flight

An introductory flight is a great way to determine whether becoming a helicopter pilot is something you would like to pursue, either recreationally or on a professional level.

How it works:

Your instructor does a basic first lesson with you, explaining the effects of controls as well as the basic aspects of flying. Thereafter you are shown step by step how to complete a pre-flight inspection of the helicopter you are about to fly, this is a very important part of becoming a competent and safe pilot. Once you have a clear understanding of the lesson and pre-flight you are taken on a 20min flight and the controls are handed over to you. This is where the real fun starts and you get to experience what being a helicopter pilot is all about.


On completion of the flight you are given a quick debrief on the lesson. Your instructor will discuss the flight with you and answer any questions you may have. Please enquire the cost of your introductory flight.

If you do decide to start your training to become a helicopter pilot, the 20 minute introductory flight counts towards your 50 hours required for the completion of a PPL.