Student News

We welcome Willem & Anees to our family of pilots. You are your only limit!!


Real Private Pilots have beards!! Congrats Danny Evaristo from Angola.20/12/2017


The legendary Bernard Ferreira gets his PPL. 07/12/17

Callum Johnston takes his PPL to Mauritius.04/11/2017

When you know you’ve nailed your PPL Test! Take a Selfie , Congrats Dale Fulton 3/08/2017

Conratulations to Warrick Barnard who obtained his PPL – 26/07/2017

Dylan Muller Goes Solo.. Soar high – 18/07/2017

 Hendrick LiebenBerg passes his PPL test-14/07/2017. Till we meet again.

Dewald goes Solo – 14/07/2017. What a week for HPTC.

Bernard Ferreira from Patensie goes Solo-13/07/2017 in ZS-RIG.

Andrew Shaw completes his Safety Course, CPL & Instructors Rating In 1month whilst working Full Time !! 26 June 2017

This a pure example that hard work and determination pays off. We are so happy to have you as part of the HPTC crew, blue skies ahead.

Megan Heine passes her Night Rating Test- 21 June 2017

One of our female pilots is Officially night rated . She can fly with the stars.


Glen Klopper Goes Solo-18/06/2017

Well done to Glen Klopper for going solo in ZS-RIG .Catch the dream!