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Intro Flight

Start your helicopter training journey with and into flight, the fundamental understanding of what we are about, click the title for more info.

Private Pilot Licence

The Private Pilot Licence (Helicopter) is the first basic course you will undertake, either as a licence for your future recreational flying or as the first step on your path to becoming a professional Commercial Pilot.

Commercial Pilot Licence

The Commercial Pilot Licence (Helicopter) course is normally run in parallel with the Instrument Rating so when you finish you have qualified for both. This makes you more employable.

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Charter Flight

Helicopter Pilot Training Centre provides the ideal location for corporate departures and general entertainment due to its close proximity to the Port Elizabeth International Airport.

Night Rating

The Night Rating is done as part of the Commercial Pilot Licence course but can also be done as a stand-alone rating for someone just doing a PPL.

Instructors Rating

The examinations for the Instructor Rating can be attempted once you have passed all of the examinations for the Commercial Pilot Licence (you do not have to have completed the full CPL flying hours).

Instrument, Type & Special Ratings

The Instrument Rating (IR) is normally combined with the Commercial Pilot Licence. It can however be done separately/after the CPL and can also be done as a rating on a PPL.

What our clients say

“ On the 16th of June 2018 I decided to propose to the love of my life. My sister suggested I use HPTC for the helicopter ride. It was by far the best experience we’ve had. Our pilot, Mark, took us to a beautiful and remote area on the beach just to the east of the city. He picked the perfect spot and the setting for my proposal was breathtaking. We were dropped off where we got to spend some time alone and take in the beautiful surroundings. HPTC organised everything, the flowers, the champagne, it was all perfect. On our way back, after the engagement, we were greeted with the bright city lights and a magnificent sunset. It was one very special day and the amazing team at HPTC made sure it was a day we will never forget.” Thank you HPTC.


Fanie Naude

I must say HPTC is second to none due to the high standard of quality training that the institution provides. The team is very welcoming and accommodating. Therefore I would not hesitate to recommend HPTC to anyone wanting to do Helicopter flying lessons. If you want to fly, HPTC is the place for you! I enjoyed being at HPTC. Anthony Lesa Zambia


I obtained my PPL in December 2015, following flight and theory training at the Helicopter Pilot Training Centre (HPTC) and continue to fly helicopters from there. The HPTC has recently undergone a fantastic revival under the new management of Mark Rochat (CFI) supported by Megan Anderssen (Operations Manager) and Andrew Shaw (Safety Officer). The energy and drive that they have put into the school since they took over is noticeable and has given new life to the training and overall flying experience. They are friendly and extremely helpful at all times and have come up with a number of new initiatives to improve the school with safety featuring very high on the agenda. I wish them every future success in their endeavour and can only see the school going from strength to strength. I would highly recommend the Helicopter Pilot Training Centre in Port Elizabeth for any new students who wish to become part of the rotary wing flying fraternity!


My entire life I have chased the dream of flying on my own, and that dream was finally realized at one of the best Aviation Schools in the Africa if not the World, Helicopter Pilot Training Center in Port Elizabeth South Africa. I was blessed to live in Port Elizabeth and found this school to accomplish my goal. From the moment I walked in the doors I felt welcome and taken seriously. Now that might sound odd to say but at that time I was a 55 year old female from North America with a dream to fly, not your average walk-in student. Megan Anderssen, the Office Administrator, immediately made me feel welcome and understood the dream I was chasing.

BRENDA SPANGENBERG Proud owner of Helicopter PPL



About us

Helicopter Pilot Training Centre has been training helicopter pilots of exceptional standard since 2005, with the most professional and enthusiastic instructors in South Africa, The HPTC family is always pushing their students to excel in every aspect of their helicopter flying. If you have serious aviation ambitions and have decided on a flying career and you are aiming for the top, why not start training for your goal from day one? Whether you want to become a professional helicopter pilot or you simply want to benefit from the proven safety-enhancing techniques in your private flying, our training is better. At HPTC, we believe a helicopter flight school should offer flexible, one-on-one flight training, tailored to each student. As a result, we teach to just the individual, not a classroom of people. We take a personal interest in you.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS We are committed to assisting international students. Visa letters are provided for the South African Embassy in whichever country you reside and will be sent to you via courier. Email us for more information. Contact us to secure your future as a helicopter pilot

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