I obtained my PPL in December 2015, following flight and theory training at the Helicopter Pilot Training Centre (HPTC) and continue to fly helicopters from there. The HPTC has recently undergone a fantastic revival under the new management of Mark Rochat (CFI) supported by Megan Anderssen (Operations Manager) and Andrew Shaw (Safety Officer). The energy and drive that they have put into the school since they took over is noticeable and has given new life to the training and overall flying experience. They are friendly and extremely helpful at all times and have come up with a number of new initiatives to improve the school with safety featuring very high on the agenda. I wish them every future success in their endeavour and can only see the school going from strength to strength. I would highly recommend the Helicopter Pilot Training Centre in Port Elizabeth for any new students who wish to become part of the rotary wing flying fraternity!